Service Recipient Says

Outstanding Dental Treatment in Turkey with MedScouts recently had the opportunity to have my dental treatment in Turkey with MedScouts and am absolutely delighted with the experience. I received a total of 23 zirconium crowns and am overjoyed that I had no pain during the entire process. A big plus of the is that I had someone on my side that is German-speaking. Especially Paul, my advisor, did an outstanding job. He was extremely professional, patient and helpful. He patiently answered all of my questions and made sure I felt comfortable and well informed at all times.

(Petra, 42, GERMANY) Dental Treatment

I had my teeth treated through MediScouts in Turkey. My experience was very positive. The treatment was very professional and very attentive, and the transfer from the airport, hotel and clinic worked great. Chauffeur was very reliable. Hotel was ok and the staff was very friendly and helpful. For me this experience was worth it and I can only recommend it.

(Mark Romer, 39, GERMANY) Dental Treatment

I was very satisfied with the dental treatment and care. I would like to emphasize the nice and courteous nature of the doctor and the entire team. I can recommend MedScouts without reservation. It is worth visiting their dentist in Istanbul even if you only need a dental implant. I paid €150 for the flight, €60 for the hotel, saw the main sights of Istanbul and have a wonderful new tooth for half the price I would have otherwise paid in Germany. Should I need dentures again, I will fly to Turkey again, but this time I will stay a little longer.

(Wolfgang, 58, GERMANY) Dental Treatment

Less than two months ago, I underwent treatment in Istanbul where two crowns were placed on implants and 11 crowns were replaced. The treatment went well without complications and the pain was minimal. The previously made agreements have been fully complied with, as has the proposed result. In the clinic you are put at ease by very friendly staff and nothing is too much to satisfy the patient. The dentist and assistants speak English, which means that communication is excellent and all questions are answered clearly and correctly. The dental clinic is professional and hygienic and meets the highest standards. Looking back on the past period, a great experience with very good results that I can recommend to everyone!

(Karin Baunacke., 55, GERMANY) Dental Treatment

hello to make a long story short, just perfect everything well arranged hotel the flight, I've been there myself 3 times had complete teeth done, the last time my wife had her upper teeth done no pain and good support. Just worth it, price is good, and don't let the media influence you, it's safe there we didn't notice anything. I recommend it to everyone, the dentists in Germany can learn something from this.

(Bodo, 38, GERMANY) Dental Treatment

After breaking off part of my molar, I first had photos taken in Germany where another molar was found with damage. After requesting the costs for treatment in Germany, it turned out that the costs were around 1200 euros. Colleagues pointed out to me the high quality of dentists in Turkey for considerably lower prices. That is how I came into contact with Paul. He offered to carry out the same treatments for 250 euros. After taking the step to go to Turkey for this and combine it with a holiday in Istanbul. You notice that they really go for perfection. The treatment was painless and feedback was carefully listened to during the treatment. The agreements made clearly in advance about the treatments were also properly followed up, there were no unpleasant surprises and communication in advance was fast and clear. If more treatments are needed on my teeth in the future, I will definitely come back to Paul!

(Marianne, 61, GERMANY) Cosmetic Surgery

My wife and I have both had our teeth restored at. For me it involved the placement of 7 implants and a total of 21 crowns. And with my wife for 4 implants with crowns. In Germany I first requested two quotes for this restoration. In total, this would involve an investment of € 21,000.00 for myself and € 6,000.00 for my wife. We first had photos taken in Bonn and sent them to us. Then I received a neat plan of the restoration. The price for myself at the practice in Istanbul would be € 6,000.00 and for my wife € 2,200.00. That made a difference of about € 18,800.00. Of course you still have to deduct the travel and accommodation costs. We have been to Istanbul 3 times, which also cost us about € 2,500.00. But we still had a few nice vacation days for that with beautiful sights in the city of Istanbul. I myself was ready after 2 treatments. In any case, our treatments left us with a new small car! All very friendly and helpful people. The materials used are in no way inferior to the quality used in Germany. The treatment was quick and virtually painless. Within two hours I was outside again and I flew back to the Netherlands the same day. Given corona, I couldn't go back until November 2021 to have the crowns placed. My wife then had the implants put in. Her crowns were placed at the beginning of April. A good choice, because the result is beautiful!

(Fam. Kruger., 45, GERMANY) Dental Treatment